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We guide professionals, companies, students and retirees to discover and develop their Talents, Gifts, Skills and Passions in line with their Values, Dreams and Purpose so that they can be prosperous, happy, brilliant and fulfilled.

Through tests, books, courses, consulting, lectures, training and mentoring. We have a specialized team committed to providing an excellent service!


Nossa consultoria irá criar um teste online para sua empresa, baseado no perfil comportamental desejado para um cargo ou função. Excelente para processos de seleção de pessoas, desenvolvimento de pessoas, preparação de sucessores, coaching, mentoria etc.

Para adquirir o MTOL Customizado, clique no botão abaixo:


It's an extraordinary book, to awaken the extraordinary talent in you, your family, friends, staff, customers, and around the world.

If we all awaken our gifts and talents and work together to create a better world for everyone, we will finally be creating the Age of Talents.

Want to read a sample? Click here.

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